Old Breckenridge town buildings in greyscale
A couple biking on the Road during the Fall in Breckenridge

Imagine yourself riding down an open road. The peaks of the majestic Rocky Mountains pierce the pearly blue sky every direction you look and the rushing wind pulsates energy throughout your body, making you wonder if it’s possible to feel any more alive. Welcome to your introduction to road biking in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Known as a biking mecca to many, Breckenridge’s unique cycling culture and ideal environment combine to create the perfect road cycling town in the summer. With a multitude of professional bike shops and tour guides equipped and ready to steer visitors in the right direction, road cycling is both easily accessible and tremendously satisfying here in Breckenridge.

Why Local Cyclists Call Breckenridge Home

Two people road biking in Breckenridge.
Unbeatable views are just one reason bicyclist love Breckenridge.

Breckenridge’s cycling community is full of passionate riders who don’t envision any place better to ride than their own backyard.

Jaime Brede, a local resident for the past 15 years and competitive cyclist for the past 10, considers Breckenridge to be the perfect environment to suit her cycling lifestyle. “People up here in Summit County are super tough and willing to spend long days in the mountain on the saddle,” Brede says. “We have some incredible alpine climbs: Hoosier Pass, Vail Pass, Loveland Pass. Rides that you can’t really get anywhere else. Our rec paths are top notch and very well maintained, and people here just tend to be more aware of cyclists than in most communities.”

Brede will be competing in this summer’s Mavic Haute Route 2018, one of the many competitive cycling races that takes place in Breckenridge during the summertime.

For Steve Ragle, the bike technician at Breck Bike Guides and resident of Breckenridge for the past 13 years, Breckenridge is the cream of the crop when it comes to its cycling culture. When asked if he considers Breckenridge to be a cycling mecca, Steve had a definitive response: “Absolutely. The terrain that we have, riding in the high altitude in the mountains, this terrain is perfect. You couldn’t really ask for better.”

“We have a really awesome bike path system. The community is super nice too. If you’re riding on the road, drivers are friendly about it. It’s a good spot to be. All the mountain passes are pretty challenging rides to do, but it’s just gorgeous. One of the most beautiful places on Earth up there. It’s just awesome.”

Recommended Paved Routes for Road Biking in Breckenridge

Family Biking on a wooden bridge in Breckenridge
Biking the Rec Path is the perfect way to spend time outdoors as a family.

If you’re looking for one route that is both easy and contains breathtaking scenery, look no further than the Lake Dillon Loop on the Summit County Rec Path. Visitor tested and local approved, this incredible 17-mile loop wraps around the beautiful Lake Dillon that sits in the middle of Summit County at an elevation above 9,000 feet. Stunning views of the Tenmile, Gore, and Front Ranges are found throughout this relatively flat ride.

For those looking to challenge their quads a little more, we recommend a ride up Boreas Pass Road. This beautiful mountain road winds its way up and out of downtown Breckenridge to provide panoramic views of the Tenmile and Mosquito Ranges. It’s a must-try for any road cyclist looking to exercise with first-class views. Looking for more ideas? The Ultimate Breckenridge Bike Itinerary will guide you through two perfect days for any biker.

Recommended Bike Shops and Guided Tours

Cyclists on the road in Breckenridge
Can you picture yourself here?

Many locals and visitors alike use Carver’s Bike Shop as well as Breck Bike Guides for all of their cycling needs, whether they’re looking to rent, buy, or have their bike serviced (for both road and mountain). For those looking to experience a guided tour, Breck Bike Guides, Mountain Wave, and Alpine Sports all offer a variety of tour packages for cyclists of all skill sets throughout the summer. Every shop is full of passionate and knowledgeable staff members who want every customer to experience Breckenridge as they do.

Breckenridge’s unmatched scenery, access to countless trails and routes, and overall friendly nature makes it the perfect cycling community in the Rockies. If you don’t believe us, just ask the locals who’ve been experiencing it for decades. There is truly no better place to experience the joy of cycling than our historic mountain town.

For more information on road biking in Breckenridge as well as what to do during the summer, contact the Breck Information Specialists at 877-864-0868. While in town, stop by the Breckenridge Welcome Center at 203 S. Main Street. You can also download or order the Breckenridge Vacation Planner.

The Breckenridge Tourism Office works to enhance and promote the unique character and experience of Breckenridge as a world-renowned destination resort and to represent, serve and perpetuate the common interest and character of its membership and community.
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