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Summer sunset over downtown Breckenridge
Welcome to Breckenridge

Remember, kindness can move mountains

Family looking at the sunset from Mount Baldy in Breckenridge
Thank you for supporting our recovery by being kind & patient to all those who are working hard to provide the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that Breckenridge is known for.

As pandemic restrictions relax, Breckenridge is not unique in the challenges that it faces after a year on-hold. Shutdowns and quarantines have enhanced Americans’ desire to be outside in nature, and this upcoming summer will be no exception. Many hotels, boutiques, and restaurants that make up our authentic mountain town are short-staffed and may limit their offerings. While our community is determined to address these initiatives, you can help too! As you’re planning your next trip please support our recovery by being kind and patient to all those who are working hard to provide the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere that Breckenridge is known for.

Help our community thrive

Public Health Orders

  • Masks/Coverings may still be required in many privately owned businesses. Under Colorado’s executive order, owners, operators and managers of any business or service may continue to require individuals entering or within their locations to wear face coverings or show proof of full vaccination.
  • Masks are still required on public transportation in Summit County at this time.

While this may not be the case where you are from, we ask that you PLEASE respect local protocols rules while in town. All Breckenridge businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask or facial covering.

Learn more about Summit County public health orders and business protocols.

Local's Tip

Keep a mask in your back pocket, in case you need to rock it.
Getting Here & Getting Around


Getting to and around Breckenridge is easy and convenient, due to free transportation options and our easily walkable town. Breckenridge’s shuttle and transportation systems will help any visitor make the most of their trip. Just remember, Masks are still required on public transportation in Summit County at this time.

4 Ways To Go Carless During Your Trip

  1. Book an airport shuttle to easily get from DIA to Breckenridge.
  2. Use the FreeRide map to find community transportation near you.
  3. Walk to hiking trails near your lodging by using the GPS feature on AllTrails, Google Maps & COTREX.
  4. Choose guided activities that offer free shuttle service transportation.
Help us Care for Colorado


You can help us preserve and protect our communities, our natural environment, and our world.

Shutdowns and quarantines have enhanced Americans’ desire to be outside in nature.  You should expect to encounter more people than usual while you’re out enjoying nature.  Help us make the outdoors a welcoming environment for everyone by following Leave No Trace principles and being respectful of others while out exploring.

5 Tips For Planning Activities During Your Trip

  1. Make Reservations Before Your Arrive – Many activities have adjusted or reduced operations due to staffing levels. We highly recommend booking guided activities (rafting, guided fly fishing, horseback riding, dog sledding) prior to your arrival.
  2. Weekdays > Weekends  – Peak times (Saturdays, Sundays and holiday weekends) are when town, restaurants, parking lots, hiking trails and activities are going to be busiest. If you have the flexibility, we recommended planning your trip so that the bulk of it falls midweek. That way, you’ll enjoy more space to roam in-town and on the trails.
  3. Timing is Everything – Become a morning person on your visit to beat the average Joe to the trailhead.  An early morning start will give you more space and solitude on the trails.
  4.  Skip The Car – Around here, we say “No car,  No Problem!”  Breckenridge is easy to get around on foot, and thanks to our wide variety of community transportation options, it’s easy to get to planned activities and hiking trails via bus, trolley or shuttle. Learn more about going carless in Breckenridge.
  5. Always Follow Leave No Trace principlesProtecting what we love is more important than ever when heading outdoors. Be sure to pack it in, pack it out and be respectful of others while on the trail.


Local's Tip

Looking for more solitude and less people? Try visiting popular trails midweek or hiking a trail that's amazing but not on a top ten list. Colorado Trail Explorer (COTrex) and AllTrails are great places to find lesser known hikes.
Festivals & Events Going On While We Recover


man playing cello in tree
To better protect our residents and guests, we’re reimaging how we celebrate.

Many festivals & events have adjusted operations to comply with the evolving public health orders.  It’ll be important to regularly check our festival and events calendar for updates on what to expect during the 2021 event season.  We’re excited to bring back events and thank you for your patience as we reimage ways to celebrate together again.

Help Us Celebrate By Using These Resources

  1. The Festivals & Events Calendar will have the most updated information on upcoming events.  All scheduled events are subject to change to comply with state and county public health orders. Guests should check frequently for updates from the event producer.
  2. Explore art workshops, yoga classes and daily activities by browsing our community calendar.

Local's Tip

All events are subject to change to comply with state and county public health orders. Check back frequently for updates or sign-up to receive event-specific email updates.
Plan Ahead When Dining Out


Relish Happy Hour From Deck
Our restaurant workers have dealt with a lot over the last year.  Let’s make this summer easy on them by showing kindness whenever possible.

While restaurants are now open to full capacity, many are dealing with significant staffing shortages. This can result in longer than anticipated wait times to be seated at restaurants and slower meal service as kitchen staff attempts to keep up. Until our restaurants can get caught up, you can help us by planning ahead and showing kindness whenever possible.

3 Tips For Dining Out

  1. Make dining reservations whenever possible – if unavailable, put your name down early and expect a wait.
  2. Dine a little earlier or later than usual to avoid the busiest times.
  3.  Head to the restaurant knowing you’ll likely experience a wait before getting seated.
  4.  Explore off the beaten path bars and restaurants in Breckenridge.

Local's Tip

Breckenridge's most popular activities and dining experiences can fill up quickly. We highly recommend making reservations in advance.
Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions


mountain biking in Breckenridge
While many things have changed, the mountains, views, wildlife and abundant activities are still waiting for you.

What is there to do this summer in Breckenridge?

There’s a ton to do!  All of Breckenridge’s summer activities are open.  Guests should expect that many activities will have adjustments to their operations in order to adapt to staffing challenges.  We recommend making reservations prior to your trip whenever possible. 

Find even more fun things to do in Breckenridge this summer on our top 100 summer activities in Breckenridge list.


Where can I go hiking and biking?

With hundreds of miles of trails in the area, it’s easy to find wide-open spaces. Use our guide to find the perfect hiking trail for your group or explore local trails on COTREX, AllTrails or MTB Project.  If you’re using these top apps to find a trail, we encourage you to scroll beyond the top 10 list to find less-trafficked options. Don’t forget, you can explore great hikes in proximity to your lodging by using the GPS Hikes Near Me feature for every app!


What art, cultural and historic activities are available?

Many concerts, performances, tours, and workshops have been scheduled throughout the summer, thanks to our community’s commitment to celebrating our rich cultural experience. Visit BreckCreate for updates on Breckenridge’s arts & culture scene. Sign-up for historic tours, guided hikes and enjoy free museums through Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.

What events are happening this summer?

Breckenridge’s most popular festivals and events are back with changes to comply with state and county public health orders.  Here’s the list of upcoming summer events!

What are the best hiking trails?

There are tons of great hiking trails in and around Breckenridge. Visit our hiking page for suggestions on trails by difficulty or feature. For a full list, download the COTREX or AllTrails apps.


How do I see the Breckenridge Troll?

Here’s how to find the Breckenridge Troll. The page should answer all your questions.

What activities are happening at the ski resort?

Breckenridge Ski Resort offers family-friendly summer activities, located at the base of Peak 8 and easily accessed by the free BreckConnect Gondola from town.

The gondola + mountain summer activities will be open:
Open daily June 18, 2021 – September 6, 2021
Open Friday through Sunday, Sept. 10-12


Where can I park?

Holiday Weekends
Guests can find free and convenient parking at the Airport Road Parking Lot.  There will be express shuttles running to town.  View bus schedule

Additional Parking
Paid street parking is available around town as well as parking lots. The Ice Rink Lot (free during the day) and F Lot are conveniently located near town but fill up holiday weekends.
View Parking Lot Availability

Free Park ‘n Ride is available all summer at the Ice Rink and Airport Road lots. Visit for complete schedules.