Paragon Lodging uses sustainable measures such as installing solar panels on their properties.
Paragon Lodging uses sustainable measures such as installing solar panels on their properties.

Green Lodging in Breckenridge

If you want to support Breckenridge lodging businesses that focus on sustainable “green” environmental measures, choose lodging options that share your sustainability values. One of the best ways to show your commitment to sustainability is to go car-free while visiting Breckenridge. Select a hotel or rental property that is walking distance to downtown and/or provides shuttle service.

Green Lodging in Breckenridge:

Gravity Haus

Gravity Haus operates with sustainable farm-to-fork regionally sourced ingredients, supporting Colorado farmers and ranchers.

At the very core, Gravity Haus stands for sustainability. Before anything gets done, they ask themselves: Is it good for you? Is it good for the planet? Is it an amazing experience? Gravity Haus curates a sustainable experience for adventurous guests and they’re leading the eco-paved way in the hospitality industry. 

Intentional Products

Gravity Haus has partnered with sustainable brands, prioritizing plant-based and energy-efficient products in guest rooms and around the property, as well as environmentally-friendly linens. 

Waste Reduction

Did you know Americans discard 58 billion coffee cups per year, enough to fill New York’s Central Park 90 feet high? The Unravel Café’s groundbreaking reusable glass jar program keeps thousands of paper cups and plastic lids out of landfills. 

Locally Sourced Ingredients

All on-property dining options at the Slope Room, Unravel and Cabin Juice operate with sustainable farm-to-fork regionally sourced ingredients, supporting Colorado farmers and ranchers.

Volunteer Trail Work

Additionally, participants in their membership program can opt in for planned trail repair volunteer days. These monthly events are the perfect opportunity to give back to the community and to beautify and restore beloved trails.



Beaver Run Hot Tub in Breckenridge

The Beaver Run is located at the Base of Peak 9 at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

In an effort to become an environmentally friendly resort, Beaver Run Resort has created a “green committee” and developed green initiatives. Their goals include reducing their environmental impact, improving the recycling program, and reducing the resort’s carbon footprint.


Beaver Run works hard to create new opportunities for recycling around the property. Recycling bins are available in all guest rooms and all departments recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass. They are constantly evaluating opportunities to improve recycling and have added recycling in all lobbies, conference center, pool areas and more. On top of that, all the grease and oil produced in their kitchens is repurposed into biofuel.


At Beaver Run we try our best to purchase from equitable partners and strive to stay green. Toilet paper for guest rooms and copy paper is EPA compliant with at least 20% post consumer waste materials. Facial tissue and bulk rolls of toilet paper for common areas are 100% recycled. All in-room and bulk coffee for restaurants is USDA Organic. Additionally, Beaver Run is developing private label, all natural, environmentally friendly in room amenities for guests.

Conservation Efforts

All guest room lighting has been updated to compact fluorescent bulbs. Beaver Run’s water conservation efforts include installing low water use toilets, using water conservation cards to educate guests on towel choices and washing sheets every 3rd day of a guest stay, unless specifically requested by the guest.


Breckenridge Grand Vacations

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is dedicated to responsible business practices that ensure minimal impact to the local mountain environment by mindful development, resource conservation and waste reduction. They have a company-wide goal to increase their waste diversion-rate to 80% by 2030, and have implemented initiatives like bagless recycling bins, glass bins and compost bins available in all rooms, to make this possible. Additionally, BGV has composting available in every master unit at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 and Grand Timber Lodge, plus a company-wide responsible purchasing goal, which has helped lead the decision to replace plastic water bottles with refillable, aluminum water bottles.

 Renewable Energy

Breckenridge Grand Vacations is proud of their investments into solar infrastructure, with the goal of offsetting electricity usage at all BGV properties. In 2013, BGV invested one million dollars in a local solar garden and in 2022, BGV partnered with Pivot Energy to sign up for a 4.9 megawatt community solar subscription—the largest in the hospitality industry—which is equivalent to powering about 5,000 American homes.

 Conservation Efforts

By 2030, they have a company goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, and are focussed on implementing electric vehicle charging stations at BGV properties. They also track energy usage, water usage and waste diversion to monitor and implement new programs to improve operations.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

On-property efforts include reducing guests’ carbon footprint with shuttles and access to free public transportation bus systems, providing reusable shopping bags and aluminum water bottles available for purchase, installing water refill stations, and having a Sustainability Champion on each BGV property.


Eco Friendly Tips


The Town of Breckenridge has a bag fee of 50 cents per bag at shops around town, restaurants and grocery stores. Visit like a local and bring your own reusable shopping bag or purchase one at the Welcome Center on Main Street. They make great souvenirs too! You might also notice that straws don’t come in your beverages at coffee shops and restaurants. That’s because straws are only available per request. Another item to keep in your day bag is a reusable water bottle. Breckenridge has water refill stations throughout town, not to mention, some of the best tap water in the country to fill up on in between adventures. With these local tips, you’ll save money and keep Breckenridge clean.

Learn more about Sustainable Breck and be sure to brush up on Leave No Trace Principles before you head out.

Transportation & Parking

You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, but how about Carless in Breckenridge? Why worry about clearing snow off your car, sitting in traffic and finding and paying for parking? Let us handle the winter driving conditions while you enjoy the views and get to were you need to stress free. Getting to and around Breckenridge is easy and convenient, due to free transportation options and our easily walkable town.

Wildlife in Breckenridge

While you may not always see wildlife, they are always here! Breckenridge is home to many furry and scaly critters like moose, bears, foxes, trout, beavers and more! Learn how to respect our home (and theirs) with our Breckenridge Wildlife Guide.


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