Breckenridge in Winter
Breckenridge in Winter

4 Things To Know About Visiting Breckenridge This Year

tips to maximize your fun while in Breckenridge

4 Things You Need To Know Before Your Visit

Embracing the great outdoors is on everyone’s agenda these days, and in Breckenridge, that means things can get a little busier than normal —whether at the trailhead or the local watering hole. TSo, in the interest of sharing this special place we love, we’re thrilled to share some tips to maximize your fun while in Breckenridge! .

1. Book in Advance 

As a small, mountain town — we do our best to accommodate all guests, but things can fill up quickly. If your schedule allows, opt for weekdays to avoid the crowds and peak travel times. Whenever possible, make activity and dining reservations in advance, and check Google My Business to clarify hours and anticipate a possible wait. .

2. Kindness Moves Mountains

From practicing patience to proper trail etiquette, there are plenty of ways to make a positive impact. Join us in respecting wildlife, nature and each other. .

3. Go Car-Free

No car? No problem! The best way to experience Breckenridge is on your own two feet.  Keep your car parked for the day and explore our historic town by walking, biking or taking free public transportation whenever possible. Learn more about getting to and getting around Breckenridge without a car. .

4.  Like Breckenridge

Protecting what we love is more important than ever when heading outdoors.  Help us make the outdoors a welcoming environment for everyone by following Leave No Trace principles and being respectful of others while exploring. .

downtown Breckenridge at dusk
Join the movement.

Embrace The Spirit

BLike Breckenridge™️ is a movement born of the spirit of our historic mountain town for those who call it home—whether for a weekend or a lifetime—to live by. It is a cause that connects us to each other, that we can all be a part of.