Group of people biking on a road in the mountains of Breckenridge.
Group of people biking on a road in the mountains of Breckenridge.

What Kind of Biker Are You? Road or Mountain?

Let’s get one thing clear right away. When we say biker, the Hell’s Angel variety is off the table. We’re talking non-motorized here, people. And yes, there are all sorts. To name just a few:

The Pub Crawl Cruiser

Cruiser doing a wheelie on the way to the next bar.

The bike is the ideal means to get to the next bar faster. You also like it to serve as a conversation piece when you saddle up for the jaunt to the next watering hole. And, of course, you want to look good riding it.

Ride: Main Street, out and back

Outfit: Sun dress, baggy shorts, flip flops. Don’t forget the perfect costume for Breckenridge Cruisers.

Type of beer: You-Call-It

Money invested in gear: $50-$500

The Tandem

You prefer to pedal when your honey’s bringing up the rear and when there are no super steep climbs or descents.

Ride: Breckenridge to Frisco and back on bike path.

Outfit: Brightly colored jerseys and socks (matching) and high quality spandex.

Type of beer: wine

Money invested in gear: $500 to $4,000

The Weekend Road Warrior

A group of road bikers in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Group road biking through the mountains.

Your days off are dedicated to getting your blood flowing and your heart rate up via some semi-intense pedaling on the skinny tires. Well, semi-intense for a few minutes at a time, anyway, with plenty of photo breaks.

Ride: Breckenridge to Keystone around the lake and back (unless the Summit Stage is calling your name at the high school).

Outfit: New Belgium jersey and mid-grade spandex purchased at REI

Type of beer: Fat Tire or Breckenridge Avalanche

Money invested in gear: $700-$3,000

The Casual Mountain Biker

A couple taking in the views while biking in Breckenridge.

Taking a break and enjoying the views after a long mountain biking session.

The elevation gets to you when you grind in granny gear for extended climbs, but you love the challenge of riding over obstacles and through (shallow) creeks. Too many roots and rocks are a little scary.

Ride: Flume Trails

Outfit: Baggy mountain bike shorts and not-too-tight jersey from Pearl Izumi or local outfitter.

Type of beer: Any IPA will do

Money invested in gear: $400 to $4,000

The Hard-core mountain biker

Rocketing down a mountain biking trail.

Those casual riders better MOVE when you’re rocketing down the single track. Your ideal day is never seeing pavement. You carry at least a gallon of water with you, rain jacket and at least two spare tubes at all times. You can fix a flat in less than three minutes.

Ride: Flumes to Colorado Trail to West Ridge, down into Keystone, back up through Summit Cove, down trailer park switchbacks to Gold Hill and Peaks Trail back to Breckenridge. Or out-and-back on the Wheeler Trail.

Outfit: High-end baggy shorts or spandex with thick butt pad, long-sleeve jersey and full-finger gloves.

Type of beer: Stout or PBR

Money invested in gear: $3,000 to $10,000

USA Pro Cycling Challenge wannabe

A couple road biking in Breckenridge.

Biking on a road through the mountains.

If the pros can ride it, so can you. You think you could probably take down some of the stragglers in that race if you had the chance. You have ridden every stage of the Challenge and clock the Breckenridge time trial loop at least once a week, keeping meticulous track of the seconds you shave off.

Ride: Anything marked with a Pro Cycling Challenge sign or anything involving at least 5,000 feet of climbing.

Outfit: Tight-fitting Euro brands, wraparound sports sunglasses.

Type of beer: Michelob Ultra

Money invested in gear: $8,000 to $20,000

The BMXer

A biker catching air at Wellington Bike Park.

Biker catching air over dirt jumps.

You loving catching air in the skate park or over dirt jumps. The daily “grind” doesn’t get you down.  After a long day at work, you hop on your bike and your buddies are skating behind you to have an evening at the parks. Heck, the streets obstacles are just as fun as the park. You usually find yourself bunny hopping around town.

Ride: The Wellington Bike Park, the Breckenridge Skate Park or the streets in downtown Breckenridge.

Outfit: Skinny jeans and t-shirt.

Type of beer: PBR or IPA

Money invested in gear: $500 to $1,200

Other types:

Here’s a further look at some of the types of bikers in Breckenridge. Did we miss one? Share on social with #BreckBecause.

By Breck Editorial
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