Summer Hike with Boreas Pass Views
Summer Hike with Boreas Pass Views

Hiking in Breckenridge Without A Car

You don’t need a car to hike some spectacular trails in Breckenridge. Free public transportation can whisk you to many popular trailheads to make hiking in Breckenridge without a car simple and easy. Hop on the Breck Free Ride. The Breck Free Ride is a community-wide free transit system complete with an easy app and routes designed to get you to where you want to be.  All bus routes start at the Breckenridge Transit Center, located near the Gondola.  Check with your lodging company for shuttle options to the transit center or hiking trails.  Learn more about going car-free in Breckenridge.

No Car, No Problem: Hiking without a car in Breckenridge

Hikes off the Trolley Route

Trolley Route – serving Main Street and Downtown Breckenridge

family hiking to see the Breckenridge Troll

Summit County Recreational Pathway

Trollstigen Trail & Illinois Creek Trail

Pence Miller Trail

Four O’Clock Trail

Sawmill Trail

Carter Park Trailhead

The Blue River Trail

Pets On Bus
Service animals and well-behaved pet dogs are welcome aboard the Breckenridge Free Ride. Dogs must be licensed, leashed, and sitting next to, or under their handler’s feet.

No Car, No Problem: Hiking without a car in Breckenridge

Hikes Off The Green Route

Green Route – serving Alta Verde, Airport Road and Golf Course

View from Gold Hill Trail in Breckenridge

Iowa Hill Trail

Lower + Middle +Upper Flume Trails

Summit County Recreational Pathway

Gold Hill Trial

No Car, No Problem: Hiking without a car in Breckenridge

Hikes Off The Brown Route

Brown Route – serving Beaver Run , Warriors Mark and Ice Rink

family walking the dog by a lake

Trollstigen Trail & Illinois Creek Trail

Burro Trail

Snowflake Trail

Sawmill Trail

Four O’Clock Trail

Summit County Recreational Pathway

Sawmill Reservoir

Iowa Hill

River Trail

No Car, No Problem: Hiking without a car in Breckenridge

Hikes off the Purple Route

Purple Route – serving Wellington Neighborhood

Breckenridge Reiling Dredge

Wellington Trail

B&B Trail

Reiling Dredge Trail

Minnie Mine Trail

River Trail

Summit County Recreational Pathway

Iowa Hill

Lower + Middle +Upper Flume Trails

Hikes off the Summit Stage Boreas Pass Loop

Two women hiking Mount Baldy.

Baldy Trailhead

Sallie Barber Trailhead

What To Know Before You Go

Free Public Transportation In Brekcenridge

Breckenridge Main Street Trolley

The Main Street Trolley is a free transportation shuttle that services downtown Breckenridge.

The Breck Free Ride bus system offers a year-round service through town’s most popular areas as well as a Main Street Trolley. The bus system is free to all users and is a convenient way to get around town. Breck Free Ride stops near many popular trailheads, and has 2 bike racks per bus, making it easy to hit the trails without a car.

Depending on the route, most buses run on a 30 min or 15 min schedule. Download “My Free Ride” on your iPhone or Android to get real-time locations of all our buses.

What to know before you go

Before you head outdoors, follow these simple layering and packing tips.

Layers –  With changing weather patterns and higher elevations. Pack a few layers to stay warm and dry.

Sun Protection – With 300 days of annual sunshine, you’ll always want plenty of sunshine.

Water & Snacks – It’s easier to become dehydrated at 9600+ feet and you know, you’re climbing mountains.  Bring plenty of water and snacks to fuel you up and avoid the hangrys.

Leave No Trace Principles

Anytime you are out enjoying nature, it’s important to abide by Leave No Trace principles. Remember pack it in, pack it out always— this includes all trash, waste, gear etc. If you see trash along the trail, pick it up! It is best to leave the trail and the wilderness even more beautiful than when you arrived whenever possible. Stay on the trail and avoid the side trails or any shortcuts to preserve the natural environment as much as possible while avoiding erosion. You can help us preserve and protect what we love by following Leave No Trace practices during your visit.  Learn more by taking the Tree-Hugger Challenge.

Hiking in Breckenridge

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downtown Breckenridge at dusk
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