5 Summer Activities To Continue Into Fall

Fall in Breckenridge is when the temperatures get a little cooler in preparation for winter, and although it never lasts as long as we want it to, it sure is amazing. Due to our high elevation, Breckenridge is one of the first places in the country where the leaves begin to change color. Visitors and locals alike flock to the trails and embark on scenic drives to see the vibrant colors of green, orange and yellow come together on hillsides, valleys and around town. But Breckenridge in the fall is more than just golden aspens- town is bustling and most of the things we love doing in the summer are still available through mid-October. So if you’re just like us and aren’t quite ready to say hello to winter, keep summer rolling with these 5 summer activities to continue into fall.

Summer Activities to Continue Into Fall

1. Hiking + Biking

Evergreens and aspens combine to provide some of the best views in the country.

During the summer, trails open up endless possibilities for hiking around Breckenridge. Those same hikes are available throughout the fall but will offer a golden view as aspens change color mid-September, along with cooler temperatures- perfect for spending the days outdoor soaking up sunshine. The key to fall hiking? Layer-up to ensure you’re ready for changing conditions.  Wondering where to hike? Here are our favorite easymoderate and difficult hiking trails throughout Breckenridge, as well as our perfect fall itinerary for your next trip to Breckenridge.

In our opinion, biking only goes uphill in the fall. No, we don’t mean just climbing the hundreds of miles of trails in and around Breckenridge. We mean it only gets better- the cooler weather means you won’t heat up on the uphills, the number of people on the trails decrease, and you’re surrounded by breathtaking views and golden aspen leaves. Take your pick of endless dirt trails or enjoy fall days on the Blue River rec path. Until snow covers the ground – keep riding!  And when the ground is covered – just switch to cross country skis, snowshoes, or a fat bike!


2. Fly-Fishing

Fly-Fishing is offered year-round in Breckenridge.

Although fly-fishing is available year-round in Breckenridge, Fall can be one of our favorite times to fish. Spring runoff is unpredictable, and summer monsoons can drop heavy rains leaving freshwater rivers looking more like chocolate milk overnight. In the fall, the weather and water conditions can often be more stable, leading to a nice stretch of amazing dry fly-fishing. Rent gear at one of the many shops around town, go out on your own, or take a guided lesson or float trip to get the inside scoop and tons of tips from the pros.


3. Exploring Historic Main Street

Main Street features over 300 restaurants, bars and shops.

Main Street Breckenridge is known for it’s incredible shopping and dining scene, but it also serves as the central hub of everything Breckenridge with fun events, festivals, live music, an abundance of activities for all ages and interests happening all year long. The best part is, once you park the car or take the shuttle in for your trip, you can walk anywhere, which means more time outside enjoying the mountains and enjoying the views. Take a peek at a few of our favorite Main Street Adventures and customize your own itinerary for the perfect mountain getaway this fall in Breckenridge.


4. Golfing

The Beaver course nine has the narrowest fairways of any of the 3 nines.

Golfing in Breckenridge extends throughout the summer into September. The Breckenridge Golf Course is situated in the breathtaking, glacier-sculpted Upper Blue River Valley and Breckenridge is the only town in the world to maintain a Jack Nicklaus-designed 27-hole golf course. The clubhouse sits at an elevation of 9,324 feet and features a restaurant, bar, golf shop and full practice facilities.


Take A Guided Tour

There are a ton of outdoor activities and adventures to enjoy in Breckenridge which means there is a good chance you’ll want to try something for the first time while you’re out here. While there are a lot of benefits and excitement involved in trying something new, it can also be intimidating. Questions like how will you know where to go, how do you stay safe, and what gear do you need, are sure to pop-up. Although there are a lot of great resources to help you try a new activity for the first time, nothing can compare to the first-hand knowledge, details, and know-how a guide can offer.


Looking for more fall fun? Check out our list of Top Activities to do in Breckenridge this Fall and our Breckenridge Fall Itinerary.


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By Breck Editorial
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