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Event organizers are planning on hosting Breckenridge Ullr Fest.  Even though some large-scale event features might be reimagined, guests can expect some creative celebratory alternatives while adhering to all required public health recommendations and regulations.

Ullr Fest will adhere to all public health and safety regulations required for Colorado.



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Celebrate All Things Snow

What the heck is Ullr Fest?

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Ullr Fest History

Ullr Fest historic Breckenridge
Ullr Fest honors the Norse god of snow.

Legend has it that Ullr, the Norwegian snow god was so well skilled in the use of the bow and could go so fast on his skis that in these arts no one could best him. Each winter he covered the earth with snow to protect it from harm. It has been said that Ullr enjoyed the cold weather and loved traveling throughout the land, gliding along on his great skis, for pleasure and hunting.

It is also said that Ullr was such a great skier, he would streak across the sky leaving the brilliant stars as his trails (they obviously had some fine powder days). Though very skilled, Ullr guarded his knowledge closely and refused to show the other gods how to ski. Luckily for us, he let the secret out of the bag, and we will all be soon celebrating his glory. Next time you are trying to bash through some wind crust or plunge head first into fresh waist deep powder, be sure to invoke his name and remember – ULLR RULES!

Ullr Finds A Home in Breckenridge

Shortly after Breckenridge Ski Resort was founded, local legends, Sigurd Rockne and Trygve Berge, created the first Ullr Dag festival. The festival came about because the majority of the ski school instructors were Norwegian and had a long tradition of celebrating Ullr, the Norwegian god of snow.  The festival included a ski parade, competitions and aerial tricks demonstrated by ski school instructors.  There were two booths, one at each end of Main Street, which cars had to stop and could buy Ullr Coins which gave them discounts in certain shops in town. The first crowned King and Queen for Ullr was Governor John Love and his wife Ann Love. To kick the parade off, there were four jets that flew 500 feet above Main Street. After the parade there was a bonfire.  Ullr fit right in and took to the mountains. And every year, Ullr blesses Breckenridge with some of the finest snow in the world.

To repay Ullr for his gift of snow, we here in Breckenridge continue to hold a festival to honor the god of winter. We now call this little celebration Ullr Fest.  Over the year, many traditions were formed such as the Ullr Ball, the Ullr Bonfire, the Ullr Parade, Snow Sculpting, Ullr King and Queen, the Ullympics and the Ullr Dating Game. Some traditions have stayed, such as snow sculpting, which has become its own event called the International Snow Sculpture Championships. Other traditions have gone by the wayside.

From fake currency to burning old skis in the bonfire, Ullr Fest has always been about fun and partying…and Breckenridge knows how to hold a “killer party, dude.” Just ask any of the locals.

Ullr Fest continues throughout the week with games, parties and more.


Bonfire during Ullr Fest in Breckenridge, Colorado

What is Ullr Fest?

Ullr Fest is an annual 10-day celebration of all things winter and snow! Breckenridge visitors and locals alike gather to praise the Norse God of snow, Ullr, in hopes of a powder-filled ski season.

This year, Ullr Fest will be reimagined to align with public health orders. 

Where is Ullr Fest?

Ullr Fest consists of many events over a 10-day period within historic Breckenridge, Colorado. View the full Ullr Fest schedule for various locations!

This year, Ullr Fest will be reimagined to align with public health orders. 

Where should I park for Ullr Fest?

We highly recommend taking the free bus, walking or shuttling into downtown Breckenridge. Once you’re here, it’s easy to get around Breckenridge without a car. Breckenridge parking is almost all pay to park, and fills up quickly, especially during signature events. Main Street will be closed for much of Thursday due to the Main Street parade, so Main Street parking will not be available.

The Breckenridge FreeRide offers free bus transportation throughout the day with multiple shuttle systems running throughout Breckenridge. Most likely, the place you are staying is right next to a bus stop or offers its own FREE shuttle transportation to town. If you’re planning to come into Breckenridge from neighboring towns, the Summit Stage is a free county-wide bus system available throughout Summit County. Uber, Lyft and multiple taxi services are also available to help you travel around town or between towns, however, these services may be limited during peak periods.

While going carless is the easiest and cheapest way to go, if you do need a car, we recommend parking outside of town and taking the bus in. The Breckenridge FreeRide bus system will service the Satellite Lot on Airport Road and Ice Rink lot on regular scheduling. Paid lots within town will be available for guest parking (F-Lot, Tiger Dredge, East Sawmill, and Wellington lots), but will fill up quickly. For free overflow parking, guests can park at Colorado Community College on the north end of town with the FreeRide bus servicing this lot every 20 minutes throughout the day.

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Is Ullr fest Suitable for Families?

Yes! Breckenridge Ullr Fest is a family friendly event, however, to participate in certain events like the Shotski®️, you must be 21+ with a valid form of ID.

Are Dogs Allowed at Ullr Fest?

Pets are allowed at Ullr Fest outdoor events like the Shotski®️ (if not participating) and Main Street Parade, however please be aware that there will be loud noises, motor vehicles, crowds and can get very cold. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are advised to stay on Main Street sidewalks. Dogs are not permitted at the Ullr bonfire and indoor events unless they obtain proper paperwork.


Volunteer for Ullr Fest

We’re looking for volunteers to help us at Ullr Fest.  Shifts include parade ambassadors and green team members.


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