Three Friends chatting at the top of a ski run enjoying a sunny Breckenridge day
Three Friends chatting at the top of a ski run enjoying a sunny Breckenridge day

5 Tips for Families Skiing in Breckenridge

Congratulations! You’ve been yearning to head to the mountains and you finally arranged everyone’s schedule for that ski holiday that you’ve been waiting to do. You’ve accomplished the first step! Now, if you want your family to have an amazing trip, with a minimum of stress and without frowns or tears, here are five tips help families skiing in Breckenridge have the best vacation. A group of skiers on groomed terrain at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

5 Tips for Families Skiing in Breckenridge:

Buy Lift Tickets In Advance

A winter day view of downtown and the mountains in Breckenridge, Colorado

Local Tip: Get on the slopes faster and save up to 20% off on lift ticket prices by purchasing your lift tickets online at least 7 days ahead of time.

Families skiing in Breckenridge should make sure they purchase their lift tickets in advance.  It’s the easiest way to skip the lines, save time and money, and your trip is already off to a good start. For the best rates, buy tickets seven days or more in advance and the tickets will be mailed to you. Forgot to do that? No worries, you can still buy tickets online up until midnight the day before and head to the express window to pick up your ticket. Not sure what days you want to ski while you’re here? No problem. You can purchase an Epic 3 day ticket that is valid within a 5-day window, an Epic 4 day ticket that is valid within a 6-day window, or an Epic 5 day ticket that is valid in an 8-day window. Flexibility is definitely the way to keep your family smiling!

Get Your Gear Locally

Ever budget conscious, you might be thinking, “I bet there’s a shop in Denver that has better prices…”. Right. There may be a shop in Denver with slightly lower prices, but nothing brings a vacation to a screeching halt faster than getting to the slopes only to discover someone’s ski boot is hurting and uh oh, that looks like….gasp…. tears are forming! Or, there’s a problem with your binding and you can’t get it to hold the boot onto your ski. Sigh. Families skiing in Breckenridge should rent gear locally, all you need is a quick trip to the shop and they can take care of your needs. The ski and snowboard rental shops in Breckenridge all have knowledgeable staff that will help select the best equipment for your ability and interests. Even better, you can switch boots, skis, or even try snowboarding for a day just by going back to the shop. Since they’re all good, we’ll leave it to you to pick your favorite: Just google “ski rentals in Breckenridge” and you’ll be set!  Local’s Tip:  Take the hassle out of rentals by getting them the night before.  This will save you from waiting in line to get your rentals while dressed (and overheating) in your ski gear.  You’ll also experience a much shorter wait the night before.   Another option is to book a ski rental delivery service which brings your rental equipment right to your house, condo or hotel room.

Dress for Success

Two skiers chatting on top of a ridge while Spring skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort.

Proper skiing attire is crucial for a fun day on the slopes.

It seems kinda cold when you get up, so you’re thinking that you should put on your biggest, puffiest parka and pants to go out the door, right? Maybe…or maybe not. Weather changes in Colorado, and when the sun comes out, it can get nice and toasty warm quickly. Going back to your condo takes time. Families skiing in Breckenridge should consider dressing in layers that you can take off or put on as needed. There are lockers at the base areas where you can stow a bag with extra layers and it only takes a few minutes to ski down to the lockers.  A backpack for neckgaiter, sunscreen and extra gloves will also save you from the youngest members wanting to cut the day short due to layering issues.

Shorten the Learning Curve

A ski school group chatting during a sunny day at Breckenridge.

Taking part in a ski lesson will dramatically help your learning curve.

Remember when you were a kid, and you wanted to try a new sport? Your parents signed you up for lessons or put you in a class at school. Be. That. Parent. Families skiing in Breckenridge will see their kids progress faster if they take at least a day of lessons. The ski and snowboard instructors are trained in how to teach you (yes, we said you) and your family as quickly and easily as possible to start sliding down the slopes, all while having a great time! If you already know the basics, not only will they up your game, but they also know the best terrain and all the secret stashes of powder. Find out more about lessons here.  Breckenridge Ski Resort offers lessons for everyone from the all-inclusive Family Private Lesson to children’s lessons and advanced adult lessons.  Added bonus: Ski School participants get to skip the lift line!

Family Friendly Terrain

A group of skiers on groomed terrain at Breckenridge Ski Resort. Families skiing in Breckenridge can ski all day on these easy groomed trails.

Breckenridge’s world-class groomed terrain is fun for the whole family.

If your family is lucky, perhaps one of you skied back in the day and you know the rest of your family, who has never skied, will love it as much as you do. Yes, yes they will. But take it slow and easy. Start on the easier slopes (marked with a green circle) and make sure each of your family members can turn both directions and stop as needed (if not, shorten the learning curve by taking a lesson). Breckenridge Ski Resort has trails that are family zones, marked with yellow diagonal lines. These trails are great for families trying to practice their skills and stay together without going too fast. Once you’ve mastered the easier trails, you may want to try a more difficult trail, marked with a blue square. Families skiing in Breckenridge can enjoy five peaks of fun at Breckenridge, so grab a trail map and make a plan if you do decide to split up. Don’t rely on your cell phone, as batteries can die: Plan a time and place to meet in advance.

So that’s it.  All you have to do now is smile and enjoy the mountains, the views, the snow, and some quality time with your family. We’ll be seeing you in Breckenridge in no time. Enjoy!

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