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People Fat Tire Biking in Breckenridge in the winter

What is Fat Biking?

Biking in Breckenridge doesn’t have to stop in the winter! Fat-tire biking is one of the newest winter pastimes taking over Breckenridge. If you’ve spent any time in Breckenridge over the past few winters, you may have noticed this new breed of snow enthusiasts joining you on the town trails, bike lanes and Nordic center. Bundled up like skiers and riding like mountain bikers, these trail users have found a great new way to play in the snow and get around Breckenridge during the winter. Fat bikes typically have no front or rear suspension and are equipped with 4.8” width tires.

Fat Bike Rentals

Group Fat Biking on Rental bikes Through Downtown Breckenridge
Hit the trails or explore historic Main Street by fat bike!

If you’re looking to cycle through town or hit the trails on your own, it’s easy to rent a fat bike in Breckenridge. Most bike shops and some ski rental companies will offer fat bike rentals along with gear and helmet rentals.

There are a variety of fat bike options on the market, with models that include front suspension, better components, a range of tire sizes, seat droppers, and more. Be sure to talk with the bike shop staff about your ability level and what style riding you are looking to do (trail rides, winter commuting, not sure?), and they will help you choose the right fat bike! Remember to always wear a helmet and bring gloves, water and sunscreen when fat biking Breckenridge.


Where to Ride

Fat biking etiquette sign in Breckenridge


Breckenridge has a great network of trails to choose from, many of which you can get to straight from downtown. Groomed, packed trails are needed for fat biking, so check the current conditions before heading out to be sure the trails are dry and usable. Be sure to brush up on Breckenridge’s winter trail use guidelines before you head out into the backcountry. Some good starter options are the Blue River Rec Path from Breckenridge to Frisco, the Gold Run Nordic Center and the bike lanes throughout downtown Breckenridge.


Guided Fat Biking Tours

Stopping at Breckenridge Distillery during a fat bike tour in Breckenridge
Sip, sample and ride on a guided fat bike tour.

Guided fat bike tours are becoming a more popular way for beginners to learn the sport and for more advanced riders to find good trails. There are even guided fat biking distillery and brewery toursfor those looking to skip the woods and enjoy a scenic ride through town while sampling some tasty made in Breckenridge goods.

Fat Bike Tours


What Should I Wear?

Two fat bikers on a snowy trail in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Breckenridge’s trail system is extensive even throughout the winter months.

Dressing for fat biking is very similar to dressing for skiing. Wear layers that you can take off if you heat up during the climbs or add on if it gets cooler. Be sure to bring your reusable water bottle and sun protection including sunscreen and sunglasses or goggles. If you don’t have winter gear or forgot something at home, there are a number of brands that make specific winter cycling apparel, which you can find at local shops around town.


Fat Biking gear checklist:

  • Helmet: A mountain bike helmet works
  • Hat: Lightweight beanie to wear under your helmet
  • Face Buff or Balaclava: To cover your neck, chin, ears, and cheeks on a cold day
  • Gloves: Adjust warmth to weather
  • Shoes: Heavy duty winter cycling shoes or hiking boots
  • Winter Jacket: A soft-shell or breathable coat is best
  • Pants: A lightweight, breathable ski pant is best
  • Thermal Layers: Be sure to wear layers – or bring them. Polyester and quick-dry materials are best
  • Day Pack: To carry layers, water, snacks and sunscreen


Now get out there and start Fat Biking!

By Breck Editorial
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