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What is B Like Breckenridge?

B Like Breckenridge is a movement born of the spirit of our historic mountain town for those who call it home—whether for a weekend or a lifetime—to live by. It is a cause that connects us to each other, that we can all be a part of. One that reminds us to act with intention. To be thoughtful in how we interact with nature, wildlife and one another. And to do our part daily, however big or small, to preserve and protect our communities, our natural environment, and our world.

You with us?

B Like Breckenridge


Breckenridge embodies an infectious joy-of-life attitude that removes boundaries to what we can accomplish together. Because in any great endeavor, we are always more successful with friends by our side.

So we invite you to B Like Breckenridge, which can mean a lot of different things depending on where you live, work and play. But at its core, it’s about embracing the spirit of our town. Believing the right thing to do is always worth doing.  From using less, walking more, leaving no trace, sticking to the trails, respecting wildlife, nature, and each other, and being a responsible steward of our communities, together we can champion a cause that is greater than all of us. But that starts here, with each and every one of us.

Everyone is Invited

There’s a reason we’re all drawn to Breckenridge. It’s the unique combination of our historic, mountain town charm, the breathtaking nature that surrounds us in all directions, and the character of the people who call it home—for a weekend, or a lifetime. Now, more than ever, we all share in the responsibility of making Breckenridge the most welcoming place to live and visit.

Responsible Travel

Preserving the character of our town and the nature that surrounds us has always been at the heart of the Breckenridge spirit, our people, and our brand. To a large part, our collective desire to protect this special ecosystem is what draws people here in the first place—both to live, and to visit. As the topics of climate change, over-tourism, and sustainability continue to shift the global narrative, we have an opportunity to position our town as a thought-leader in sustainable practices by celebrating our local commitment to environmental stewardship and rallying our guests to participate alongside us.

Social Equity Advisory Commission

In 2020, Breckenridge Town Council unanimously passed a resolution creating a Social Equity Advisory Commission.  The commission will bring together a group of people from varied backgrounds to work with town council to identify opportunities for change and inclusion.
Learn more about town initiatives

Breck Pride

Breck Pride is a week for everyone.  It doesn’t matter whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or straight, skier or snowboarder, beginner or expert, or just want to support your friends and community — everyone is welcomed to join this five-day festival packed with music, daily ski parties, drag bingo and much more.  With 300+ days of sunshine, great events and a world-class ski resort, this celebration is going to be ON! LGBTQ+ community, friends, family and allies are all invited. You with us?

Building Hope Summit County

Building Hope Summit County is a community-wide initiative designed to create a more coordinate, effective and responsive mental health system that promotes emotional health, reduces stigma and improves access to care and support for everyone in Summit County.

Be Like Breckenridge


While we believe we all have a place here, we also believe that the privilege of belonging comes with responsibility. A responsibility as locals and those just passing through to come together as a community and prove to ourselves there is no limit to what can be accomplished when get after it together.

Leave No Trace

Preserving the character of our town and the nature that surrounds us has always been at the heart of the Breckenridge spirit, our people and our brand.  Breckenridge is a Leave No Trace Community Partner that works to protect all of our favorite outdoor places by being a part of a community that reaches thousands of people each year with Leave No Trace education.  You can help us preserve and protect what we love by following the Leave No Trace principles during your visit.  Find Leave Not Trace Recommendations for Getting Outside During COVID-19.


Brush up on Leave No Trace Principlesbefore you head out.

Sustainable Breck

In 2011, Breckenridge embarked on a path toward smart living with the launch of its Sustainable Breck program. Since then, the Town Council has adopted a variety of new policies, programs and plans that help achieve the original intent of Sustainable Breck as well as grow its vision for a bigger impact. We invite you to join us. Explore our commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability and take action today.

Sustainable Breck Projects include:

  • Green Commuting
  • Climate Action
  • Waste Reduction
  • Destination Management
  • Water Efficiency
  • Sustainable Business

Mountain IDEAL Sustainable Destination

In 2021, Breckenridge became certified as a sustainable mountain resort destination using the Mountain IDEAL standard. Breckenridge was certified by Green Destinations and is only the third destination in the United States to become certified through a program that is accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The certification is the result of a multi-year partnership between the Town of Breckenridge, Breckenridge Tourism Office, High Country Conservation Center, Vail Resorts, Summit County Government, Breckenridge Heritage Alliance, Walking Mountains Science Center, U.S. Forest Service, and others. It marks the culmination of two years of leadership by the Breckenridge community in progressive environmental conservation policies and programs

BYOB (Bags & Bottles)

The Town of Breckenridge has a bag fee of 10 cents per bag at shops around town, restaurants and grocery stores. Visit like a local and bring your own reusable shopping bag or purchase one at the Welcome Center on Main Street. They make great souvenirs too! You might also notice that straws don’t come in your beverages at coffee shops and restaurants. That’s because straws are only available per request. Another item to keep in your day bag is a reusable water bottle. Breckenridge has water refill stations throughout town, not to mention, some of the best tap water in the country to fill up on in between adventures. With these local tips, you’ll save money, keep Breckenridge clean and B Like Breckenridge!

Learn more about Sustainable Breck.


Boots, Bikes & Buses

You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, but how about Carless in Breckenridge? Why worry about clearing snow off your car, sitting in traffic and finding and paying for parking? Let us handle the winter driving conditions while you enjoy the views and get to were you need to stress free. Getting to and around Breckenridge is easy and convenient, due to free transportation options and our easily walkable (or bikable) town. Breckenridge’s shuttle and transportation systems will help any visitor make the most of their trip.

B Like Breck

Tree-Hugger Challenge

Take our short, interactive “tree-hugger” challenge to learn if you’re Leave No Trace ready or if your actions do more harm than good.  Learn stuff. Win stuff. And then brag about it to everyone!


Yeti holding a sign that says "Take the Tree-Hugger Challenge"
Take a guided tour of Leave No Trace principles from our friend, Teddy the Yeti.

The Tree-Hugger Challenge educates outdoor enthusiast about:

  • Living with wildlife
  • Sticking to the trails
  • Going carless in Breckenridge
  • Know Before You Go advice
  • Leave No Trace principles
B Like Breck

Business Community

In Breckenridge, our locally-owned small businesses are partners in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and consciously take care of this beautiful place we call home.

Summer sunset over downtown Breckenridge
Breckenridge is home to 300+ restaurants, businesses and organizations.

Green Business Program

To help businesses practice sustainability and other environmentally friendly plans, the town teamed up with the High Country Conservation Center (HC3) to create a green business program.  The program helps businesses reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and waste while improving recycling, composting, and purchasing practices. These businesses save money and have a positive impact on Summit County’s carbon footprint.

Caring for the Environment

In Breckenridge, many of our our local businesses actively take part in reducing our carbon footprint and consciously take care of this beautiful place we call home. We work hard to make recycling accessible, carry reusable water bottles and grocery bags and generally think green.  There are all kinds of really cool ways we’re making a mindful impact in Breckenridge.

Caring for the community

Breckenridge’s local businesses make a big impact on our community supporting local non-profits, providing volunteer hours and supporting local events. While navigating the COVID-19 crisis, our local businesses have stepped in to support our community now more than ever. Explore the goodwill and community support highlighted in the Breck Giving Back program.

B Like Breckenridge


In Breckenridge, we believe social means more than just being social. It’s being connected and coming together to share the things we love to do. Because doing things is more fun together than apart. Share your trip using #BreckLife for some serious bragging rights and a chance to be featured on our social channels. You with us?